There is such beauty in her tender hesitation. She is so unsure, so new to this world into which she has taken shuffling steps. But it is beautiful. Utterly, mind-blowingly, indescribably beautiful. And he cannot take his eyes away from it. For the mind searches so desperately for even the slightest inkling of beauty in this world of hate, of disease and fights, of murder and evil. And, now, in this moment, he has found it. How can he bare to look away?

                It is the look of pure abandonment, the glint of adoration, the gaze of uncertainty which captures his heart more and more thoroughly within every moment. He reaches up, ever so slowly, as one may approach a frightened animal, and brushes the black strands away from the contrasting pale face. She seems almost to flinch in surprise, but instead a shudder ripples through the entirety of her petite frame. He smiles faintly. Beautiful.

                But even in the abandonment, the adoration, the uncertainty, underneath he could just barely discern the flood of confusion, of pain, and of fear which storms beneath the surface. It may be the tiniest of shuffling steps, but even he knew that she would be taking a plunge from a cliff. Again, ever so slowly, he pressed soft lips gently against the expanse of the forehead. The message and intent was clear in the small movement. She needn’t rush herself. For, even, no, because of this, she was all the more beautiful. There was no other word to describe the wonder before him. So pure, so innocent was the face staring back at him, he knew that no verbose descriptions, no overly scholarly words could do her justice. Simply, beautiful.

                At his soft kiss, she smiled at him. And, ever so slowly, she took his face into her hands, and returned the kiss. Her eyelids fluttered gently as she did so, lashes brushing the soft, pale cheeks below, taking his breath away. She pulled back just enough to look him in the eyes. And there was no uncertainty. No hesitation. “I love you,” she murmured so quietly, so gently that he knew those were words that would only ever be meant for him. And in her moment of absolute vulnerability, she only became more beautiful to him. Absolutely, iridescently, irrevocably. Beautiful.


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